Darken Javascript Bookmarklet Update
Tue Jul 20 2010ProgrammingTools
This is just a simple modification of the Javascript bookmarklet called "Darken" by Gina Trapani. No idea if it had already been updated or not, but here's the list of what I changed for anybody interested: Running the bookmarklet multiple times toggles the darken effect on and off! Saves refreshing the page Changed the colour scheme to green text Added hover effect for links Changed link colour and added underline to differentiate links Changed link visited colour Only uses the appendChild…
Ray Tracing #5
Sat Dec 12 2009Programming
Things have been a little slow recently. I’ve been generally reading about other aspects of graphics programming as well as generally being busy and now I’ve come down with something. Blocked ear, runny nose, bad headaches, dizziness and more. My best excuse for not getting as much programming done has to be that I’ve given coffee a bit of a hiatus for a while just to get some of the benefits of caffeine back. Good for the health though! … :P I’ve still managed to get the majority of the ray…
Ray Casting #2
Sun Nov 29 2009Programming
Finally got around to adding those few lines of code to add textured walls to the ray caster. A few details: The texture isn't mine, I merely found it via Google Images with the term "wall texture" and it has the filename Wall_Texture_by_shadowh3.JPG There's still a problem with the corners of the grids having a weird fringe. It's better than it was, but still not right. Haven't tracked that down yet, but have some ideas The somewhat hybrid mix (Courtesy of XNA) of performing the ray casting…
Ray Tracing #3
Sun Nov 22 2009Programming
Just a little more to add. I have shadows working but there's a bug or two in there that I can't seem to shift, but here's what I've got anyway:
Ray Tracing #4
Sun Nov 22 2009Programming
Two updates in one day. This is probably a first on my blog :) Here's an image of a single reflective sphere in the middle of three other spheres of various colours with lighting and shadows: Here's a quick look at all of the spheres featuring reflectivity and how they look when recursively casting off one and another:
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