Up until the end of May, I wanted to open source some more projects, namely my Doom Engine WAD Reader and Extractor, an application that can open WAD files and view as well as extract the files inside, and a unified Heroes of Might and Magic I, II and III reader and extractor.

I’m probably going to open two Sourceforge projects for the Doom reader, one for the Framework and one for the application that uses the framework.

With the Unified Heroes Reader, I’m probably going to create separate Heroes1, Heroes2 and Heroes3 frameworks on sourceforge as well as a main application project.

I will also endeavour to catch up on the MOD Monday situation as ever. Easier said than done if you just aren’t coming across enough songs to post!

I’m looking at implementing physics engines, regaining my footing on graphics programming and embarking on some new projects, which I’ll post about should they come to fruition.

I was toying with the idea of a Yendor 2 and/or 3 remake, probably starting with the engine.

I would make this an open-source project, probably with a desire to make it browser based using HTML5 and WebGL technologies.

This is a very, very niche project, but I’m hoping there might be others out there interested in embarking on such a project?

Maybe Rodney Smith or anybody at SW Games could help out?

I uploaded the files, I haven’t yet uploaded my small personal framework that accompanied it, but all you’re missing is some basic file handling class and a custom zlib wrapper, which is probably a little more complicated, but easily replaced.

The project is released under GPL, so if you do make any changes that end up seeing a public release, you must make sure to give them back to the project so that we can all benefit.

Either send me the code via e-mail, posting a comment or by becoming a part of the project.

Anyway, check it out: