How to Add Chapters to a Video using FFMPEG - Part One - The Basics
Sun Aug 01 2021Uncategorized
This is the first post in the series involving the creation of chapters using FFMPEG. Part 1 - How to Add Chapters to a Video using FFMPEG - Part One - The Basics Part 2 - How to Add Chapters to a Video using FFMPEG - Part Two - C# Script First of all, let's use FFMPEG itself create a 6 minute long test video: Next, create a file called metadata.txt and add the following contents to it: It's worth noting that the START and END times are based on milliseconds in this case so you must multiply…
Sat Jul 24 2021Software Development
During some work with Tailwind CSS, I came across AlpineJS which is presented as a "lightweight, JavaScript framework", "a rugged, minimal tool for composing behavior directly in your markup. Think of it like jQuery for the modern web.". While the mention of jQuery might instantly cause PTSD for the majority of us, it's actually pretty good. You can create quite complex applications with two-way model binding straight from plain HTML (no React, webpack, etc). Here's a basic todo list example I…
Merging JSON with Newtonsoft Json.NET
Sat May 22 2021Software Development
I had recently wanted to enrich a datasource with some preconfigured metadata. In order to this I used the Newtonsoft Json.NET library. The unit test demo below contains an example that can take a JSON string or by taking C# objects. The results should look as follows:
Publishing to Nuget from a GitHub Repository
Fri May 14 2021Software Development
Configure your .CSProj File The .csproj file you wish to target for building as a Nuget package will need the PackageId and Version properties at a minimum in order to work. See here for more details: 1) Get Nuget API Key 2) Add the key to your GitHub While at the root of your repository, go to Settings located in the top navbar then on the next page, proceed to Secrets…
Update: Reverse Engineering Yendorian Tales: The Tyrants of Thaine / Book I: Chapter 2
Sat Sep 07 2019Uncategorized
I'm curious to see if anybody would be interested if I were to set up a Github repository with everything I have so far ported to C# potentially using Unity for the game engine? Let me know if anybody would be interested.
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