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Myself and my good friend James have finished our degree and having put up with the tripe that they are passing off for a computer science education these days for three long years (which is really one hell of a long post in itself), we are now ready to start the next chapter in our lives.

We both have the same passion for graphics programming and the same desire to pursue game development, and have done for quite some time. We both weighed up the options for applying to a games development company, but decided to take the harder, riskier option to trying to start small and see what we could make for ourselves.

In all, I now hope to use this blog to add various random thoughts, things that interest me and hopefully when I have dry spells, people can shame me into getting my arse in gear.

I do have plans on fixing and updating _some_ of the tools I have around the site, as well as adding some new ones. I have also toyed with the idea of updating OPN64 and WinProcInfo, although the amount of processors to add to both utilities feels like somewhat of an insurmountable task, especially given the amount of so-called real work I need to get done these days.

On a side note, here’s a Dungeon Keeper 3 Petition a friend linked me to. If it took more after the style of the first Dungeon Keeper, I’d love to see it in development.

More to follow soon!

Terry Butler