PowerShell - Reading Binary Data
Tue Jan 04 2022Programming
The first version is compatible with PowerShell 6: The second version is compatible with PowerShell 7: However for a version that works equally well between both, simply invoke the beautiful power of C# and do away with the hassle!
C# NuGet Package TableSpans.HtmlAgilityPack for HtmlAgilityPack to Collapse Rowspan and Colspan Into Unique Cells
Sat Aug 28 2021Programming
I have just released an extension called TableSpans.HtmlAgilityPack for HtmlAgilityPack to handle collapsing rowspan and colspan into unique cells to aid in parsing tables. If you try to parse a table that makes use of colspans or rowspans, you'll find the results of the parsing fail completely. This package rebuilds the individual cells duplicating the results across the missing cells. See the example image below: Example table found here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1669334…
Animated Fly Cursor for Cats
Tue Aug 17 2021Programming
Given that my cat loves to chase my mouse cursor as I work, for a bit of fun I thought I'd making an animated fly cursor using HTML/CSS/jQuery: I based this on the tutorial by Chris Coyier at CSS Tricks. Check out the original article here. Here it is in action 😆:
Creating a PowerShell Module in C# .NET Core
Thu Aug 12 2021Programming
Let's create a PowerShell Module in C# .NET Core with unit testing. Note: This demonstration uses the dotnet core CLI to initialise and set up the project before heading into Visual Studio. This is my personal preference but it might be advantageous to see the CLI in action. Follow along with the GitHub repository for this article here. Getting Started You may need to install the PowerShell template for .NET Core if you haven't already: Confirm the presence of the template: You should see one…
How to Add Chapters to a Video using FFMPEG - Part Two - C# Script
Thu Aug 05 2021Uncategorized
This is the second post in the series involving the creation of chapters using FFMPEG. Part 1 - How to Add Chapters to a Video using FFMPEG - Part One - The Basics Part 2 - How to Add Chapters to a Video using FFMPEG - Part Two - C# Script Here's some example code of how to create FFMPEG chapter metadata using C# .NET Core 5.0:
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