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I’ve had to change host due to some unforeseen circumstances. I’m going to have to restore all of my pages, so please don’t worry about the missing pages at the moment!

I’ll add a post detailing the exact reason once I’ve got things back up and running.

Update 17/08/09

Up until the 11th of August, I had been with 3IX for going on four years, and while they’d had some security issues, downtimes and so on, it was never really enough to justify the process of upping and moving host.

However, around about the 6th August, my website went down, the next day, I e-mailed them only to be told that it would “We are aware of the issue,we are facing the server read only issue on the server. We are installing a new OS on the server and copying the data over to the new disk. All the service on the server will be fine shortly.”.

Long story short, this was 11 days ago and while some of the problems are resolved, the SQL databases on that site still don’t know what day it is, and the data is irretrievable, practically rendering the site useless to me anyway.

To make matters worse, while they’d replied to my first e-mail with a bag of lies, they then ignored the next two regarding the subject.

I did manage to get some contact out of the 24/7 live chat facility, and after having been put on hold for over 10 minutes, in a so-called “instant” messenger, while they apparently “reviewed” the entirety of my question, which happened to be a monstrous three words long; “Website. Doesn’t. Work”.

Again, I received some crap about how it’d be fine in 1-2 hours, and six days later, it’s still not fine.

I proceeded to send a fourth e-mail to merely tell them that I was disgusted with their service. This also got no reply, but then again, who can really blame them? At this point, they were on a roll, and it would have surely been a shame to ruin that kind of momentum by giving some semblance of customer service.

I’m now with HostGator and very happy so far. I shall remain with them for the foreseeable future.

Terry Butler