Impending DirectX 11 based fun

Thu Dec 03 2009Uncategorized

I've just started dabbling with DirectX 10 and learnt enough to convert the basic Microsoft triangle demo over to DirectX 11, which is my primary goal given the nifty compute shaders. It's worth noting that it's quite a savage humbling to be taken back to being capable of rendering just a single primitive to the screen, I can tell you that :)

I've decided to finally learn DirectX after all these years of using OpenGL and a portion of time spent using XNA, which has been a decent intermediary to give me a bit of background on Direct3D (Change from right-handed to left-handed matrix, changing to GLSL from to HLSL, etc) and my first DirectX 11 project will be biting off more than I can chew by using the compute shaders in DirectX 11 to accelerate ray tracing.

It'll be refreshing to be working on something graphics programming related that is current and isn't catching up on something that happened anywhere from 5 to 20 years ago, which has been the case right up until now. At least as far as DirectX 11 goes anyway.. Ray tracing on the other hand, is like a plethora of graphics programming techniques, in that the algorithms and/or concepts have been around for years, but only now are they becoming a possibility in real-time rendering.

As far as the compute shaders go, they are quite a different experience and will take some getting used to. I hope to post some progress over the next week or two.

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