Ray Tracing #5

Sat Dec 12 2009Programming

Things have been a little slow recently. I’ve been generally reading about other aspects of graphics programming as well as generally being busy and now I’ve come down with something. Blocked ear, runny nose, bad headaches, dizziness and more.

My best excuse for not getting as much programming done has to be that I’ve given coffee a bit of a hiatus for a while just to get some of the benefits of caffeine back. Good for the health though! … :P

I’ve still managed to get the majority of the ray tracer working in a DirectX 11 Compute Shader (working on DirectX 10 hardware using CS_4_0), although I have some small issues that I can’t track down before I can release a screenshot that looks identical to what I already have put up, albeit at 100 times better performance :)

Unfortunately there are no recursive functions allowed in the Compute Shaders, which means that I’m going to need to rethink stuff like the reflection traces and whatnot.

DirectX 11 (and DirectX in general) is still weird to work with, but slowly, things are coming together.

On a side note, I spent some of today looking at the Quake source and thinking about how cool a DirectX 11 port might be.

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