Christmas Reading

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Christmas for me always signifies a bunch of free time to really catch up on my learning and programming.

As an aspiring programmer, especially with a desire to pursue games development, ever since Christmas 2007 (and also every Easter and maybe the odd random time!), I’ve read Masters of Doom by David Kushner (Buy on Amazon UK UK Flag or Buy on Amazon US US Flag), a story about the rise of Id Software, starting from the childhoods of the two Id superstars, Carmack and Romero, all the way up to the Quake games and their falling out.

It’s an absolutely awesome, inspiring read and while I’ve read this book 4 times and it never fails to leave me unable to sleep and will always inspire me straight out of bed and down to the computer to get on with stuff.

I highly recommend reading the book if you’re even remotely interested in games development, or even just programming in general, as the talk of Carmack’s programming prowess in the book never fails to impress!

There are also a few other works that come to mind which have been inspiring to me:

Does anybody else know of any inspiring books or videos?

Terry Butler