Lost S06E06 (Sundown) – Figure in the Smoke Monster

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While watching Sundown, I couldn’t help but notice something in the smoke, so I took a closer look and it definitely appears as though there is a human figure within the smoke as it passes over Kate and Claire.

While it isn’t as obvious in the still below, the shape you can see toward the top-right is the shape of a human, specifically the lower half of the body.


Note: You can click the Image for a full-sized animated GIF version, or alternatively, you can click here for the full quality Animated PNG version (Doesn’t work in Internet Explorer! Use Firefox, Chrome or another up to date Browser).

Now, we’ve been led to believe that the Smoke Monster and the “Man in Black” (MiB a.k.a. Flocke (Fake Locke)) are one in the same. We’ve had Flocke essentially telling the viewers “I’m sorry that you had to see me like that”, referring to him supposedly becoming the Monster.

We’ve also seen in a previous episode the Monster scouting around the island, coming across Sawyer and then presumably changing form to turn into Flocke, pick up the machete on the floor and pay Sawyer a visit *.

It’s very likely that the Monster and the Man in Black are one in the same, but wouldn’t it be interesting if the Monster was actually just transporting the MiB around the Island instead of actually being him?

In the animation, we see that somebody is clearly being carried with the smoke. This is either just a hapless victim or the MiB (a.k.a Flocke) being transported.

* Nobody ever did say much about the multiple “strands” of the Monster floating around the Island all Evil Dead style. Presumably if the MiB _is_ the Monster, it means that he can be in a massive amount of places at once given the number of small black smoke clouds there can be.

I’m not entirely convinced the MiB is actually the Smoke Monster though. Given that we’ve never seen him change, it’s just the word of an untrustworthy character whose motives have been entirely selfish up until now.

It’s probably just another red herring by the show writers “as per usual for a change”. 🙂

Terry Butler