Asura Engine Extractor – Let’s go open source? SourceForge?

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I had recently been speaking with Luigi Auriemma, (fellow reverser and a great one at that), regarding the Asura Engine extraction process and to cut a long story short, when I asked about using some source of his for AsuraCmp extraction, he brought up the point of why my projects were closed source.

The push to go open source is a good idea and besides the freedom to leverage existing and somewhat complex code, it would also allow my applications to prosper a little more than what they currently do.

I’m toying with the idea of commenting the current version of the Asura Engine Extractor and uploading it to SourceForge for any interested developers to be a part of.

Given that this would be my first foray into the world of open source development, I’m really just wondering what the interest will be like?

Terry Butler