Blazor (client-side) application - CI/CD - Deploy from GitLab to Netlify

Wed May 01 2019ProgrammingWeb Development

Using GitLab to host both the source control and perform CI/CD, we will take a blazor project and build it and then proceed to deploy it on Netlify.

This article presumes that you have some familiarity with the following:

  1. GitLab for source control (See here)
  2. GitLab for CI/CD (See here)
  3. Netlify CLI for deployment (See here)

1. Using the current SDK 3.0.100-preview4-011223 (See here), create a new blazor (client-side) project called 'testproj':

mkdir testproj
cd testproj
dotnet new blazor
  1. Now create a file called .gitlab-ci.yml and add it to the project root with the following content.
    - build
    - deploy

    stage: build
        - dotnet restore
        - dotnet publish -o build
            - build/testproj/dist/

    image: node:latest
    stage: deploy
        - node --version
        - npm --version
        - npm install netlify-cli -g
        - netlify deploy --dir=build/testproj/dist/ --prod
  1. Create a manual site on Netlify and obtain your personal Netlify auth token (from User settings) and your site's API ID (Site settings > Site details > API ID) to be added to the CI/CD for "testproj"

  2. Create a project on GitLab for 'testproj' and add the variables from before as NETLIFY_AUTH_TOKEN and NETLIFY_SITE_ID respectively and then hit 'Save variables' once completed.


  1. After setting up the source control and committing the previous code, you should have a pretty basic but serviceable build system performing CI/CD of a client-side Blazor app to Netlify.
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