LineWars II

Tue Aug 11 2009


LineWars II is a game that as a young man, I had a great affinity for after playing a demo of the game. Soon after, by chance, I found the full version for sale.

Note: I have nothing to do with thi


Recently receiving your Fighter Pilots License, you are assigned to guard a remote outpost in the obscure Deneb star system. The more seasoned pilots, you would normally have as comrades, have been assigned to locate the rebel pirate base, rumoured to be hidden near a neighbouring star system.

Since no pirate activity has been detected in your assigned system for many years, StarBase Captain Wanobi has decided to keep only you and the 110-year old cyborg, Sir Dak Wyntol, who was a fighter in the historical battle at Aldebaran, to protect the StarBase.

You are virtually alone on the StarBase when SpaceWatch sensors detect an asteroid storm coming straight towards the StarBase! You must launch immediately to protect the base from being hit by asteroids.

As you are boarding your ship, Captain Wanobi says, “I will recommend your promotion and transfer to the Princess Royal Guard, if you can save our base.” The promise seems incredible since the Royal Guard is the most highly covetted post that a fighter pilot can possibly imagine!

You board your ship and launch to destroy the asteroids. You are determined to save the base, even though the mission seems quite impossible. Soon after your launch Sir Dak Wyntol will launch to help you, though nobody expects him to be of any help.


The game has 9 missions through which you can battle through:

  • Asteroid Storm
  • The First Blood
  • Princess Escort
  • Pirate Ambush
  • Disable a Base
  • Defend the Base
  • The Convoy
  • Freedom Fight
  • Final Battle





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