Progress on Doom WAD Reader / Extractor

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I now have the update facility working, I can parse the images (Sprites, Flats and Patches) properly and save them to a file, and the general WAD reading works just fine.

To the left is a quick mid-res mock-up of the icon to be used. I’ll probably change it a few times as the time goes on. The icons for the application will go from 8×8 to 256×256 at all levels of colour, 4-bit, 8-bit and 32-bit

I need to port over some code from an old C++ project for the map viewing, but this shouldn’t take too long.

In all, I’m quite happy with it. I do believe the hard bit is not the programming, but design of the application and how I present all of the features. That’s the bit that’s always bested me, I’m afraid to say.

I’ll post some screenshots soon and I can hopefully be critiqued!

Terry Butler