Lost S06E09 – Ab Aeterno – Smoke Monster Flashing Eyes Screencaps

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In the past, viewers of the show have commented that the shape of the Monster has a physical form similar to a creature, with a body and a prominent head and while we’ve had various characters in the show throughout the series, including this episode, mention that they looked into the “eye” (presumably) of the Monster and what they saw was.. Well.. Okay, that varied from “beautiful” to plain old “evil”. 🙂

It’s interesting to note that in the picture below, you actually see that prominent head of the “creature” would be and around about where the eyes would be, there are are multiple flashes.

Lost.S06E09-002( Click to Enlarge)

We have also seen from the Smoke Monster’s point of view several times now, and we definitely see flashes from this perspective too matching the image above.

Lost.S06E09-001( Click to Enlarge)

We also see the usual flashes in the body of the monster, although this offered nothing of any particular interest to go from.

While all of this doesn’t really offer anything spectacular, we’ve all basically presumed that the images within the flashes, such as in the encounter with Eko, were taking or reading thoughts, but as with the early encounter with Locke way back in the series, they can probably be “pushed” in too. I wonder if Richard not actually looking at the flashes makes a difference.

Terry Butler