C# NuGet Package TableSpans.HtmlAgilityPack for HtmlAgilityPack to Collapse Rowspan and Colspan Into Unique Cells

Sat Aug 28 2021Programming

I have just released an extension called TableSpans.HtmlAgilityPack for HtmlAgilityPack to handle collapsing rowspan and colspan into unique cells to aid in parsing tables.

If you try to parse a table that makes use of colspans or rowspans, you'll find the results of the parsing fail completely. This package rebuilds the individual cells duplicating the results across the missing cells.

See the example image below:

TableSpans.HtmlAgilityPack Demo

Example table found here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16693349/complicated-table-using-rowspan-and-colspan

Head over to NuGet and GitHub to check it out or check out the demo below.


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