Blazor (client-side) application - CI/CD - Deploy from GitLab to Netlify
Wed May 01 2019ProgrammingWeb Development
Using GitLab to host both the source control and perform CI/CD, we will take a blazor project and build it and then proceed to deploy it on Netlify. This article presumes that you have some familiarity with the following: GitLab for source control (See here) GitLab for CI/CD (See here) Netlify CLI for deployment (See here) 1. Using the current SDK 3.0.100-preview4-011223 (See here), create a new blazor (client-side) project called 'testproj': Now create a file called .gitlab-ci.yml and add it to…
Entity Framework - Debugging a Seed method from the Package Manager Console
Fri Feb 08 2019ProgrammingWeb Development
On the odd occasion you wish to debug Seed method code which has been executed from the Package Manager Console using the Update-Database command, a quick and dirty method is to add the following code: Yes it's dirty! It will however fire up a new Visual Studio debug window and allow you to see what's going on inside. This method will also work for any code that happens to sit outside of a normal debugging scenario.
Http Range Requests in ASP.NET Core
Tue Jan 08 2019ProgrammingWeb Development
Here's a small code snippet to use Http Range Requests with ASP.NET Core butchered from this now outdated MSDN article: The "Request.Headers.Range" method has now been replaced by opting in for this functionality using the enableRangeProcessing boolean when returning a FileStreamResult object. Have fun!
How to customise Visual Studio's "Create and initialize field" to add the underscore
Mon Jan 07 2019ProgrammingWeb Development
Step 1 - Starting with the Tools menu item from the top navigation menu, navigate through the menus as follows: Tools > Options > Text Editor > C# > Code Style > Naming Step 2 - Click the green Plus icon to open the following dialogue box: Step 3 - Now add the following: Step 4 - Create the configuration to use the naming style we've just created. Step 5 - Use the "Create and initialize field"option as normal and you'll see the following.
Test Explorer hangs in Visual Studio
Fri Jan 04 2019Programming
Restarting Visual Studio usually works but instead try using taskkill (Read more: [1][2]) to end the offending process: taskkill.exe /IM vstest.console.exe /F
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