Yendorian Tales Book I: Chapter 2

Tue Aug 11 2009

(Last updated: 10th February 2018)


Beginning with a seemingly insignificant quest, you were led to the mysterious Lost Isles of Yendor.

Following the trail of a group of evil mages, you encountered civilizations of Gnomes, Elves, and Halflings.

Throughout your journey, you learned that the evil Paltivar had found a way to communicate through portals. He was able to gain the loyalty of three mages, Simech, Cyril and Irudon. These mages unlawfully gathered many powerful reagents to construct a quartz chamber in Thaine.

In the end, you were able to defeat them. Unfortunately, their chamber was already complete, awaiting the eruption of a volcano. When filled with lava, this chamber will be activated and allow Paltivar to be freed from his eternal prison.

And so the story continues...



Programmer: Rodney R. Smith

Art, Music & Sound: Tim Smith


Eugene Gonzalez, Tim Smith, Danny Deloach


Rod Smith II, Kim Schaffner, Tim Smith, Sandra Guy, Kristi Quicksall, Judy Jennings, Alexandra Yeselson, John Shute, Greg Rufus, Don Tittle, Lyn Harris, Marsha Clark, Patricia Franklin, Bruce Davis, Vickie Page, Shari Wharton, Mark T. Johnson, Landis Taylor, Liz Riley, Rodney R. Smith, Roger Blevins, Paul Smith, Donna Karpenko, Neil Fett, Sharon Lehman, T. J. Fett, Pat Thoma, Shelly Smith, Kristine Smith, Juanita Smith, Nadine Smith, Bryan Hurley, Ralph Smith, Brandon Hurley, Judy Vanover, Debbie Hurley, Diane Elpers, Mike Hurley, Kathey Smith, Hunter Nolen, Dick Elpers, Lawrence Saylor, Derek Elpers, Danny Deloach, Chuck Mabrey, Stanley Holt, Steve Smith, Eugene Gonzalez, Craig Shirley


Timothy Smith, Chuck Mabrey, Mike Hurley, Lawrence Saylor, Rod Smith II, Danny Deloach, Hunter Nolen, Eugene Gonzalez


swreg_001 swreg_002 swreg_003 swreg_004 swreg_005 swreg_006 swreg_007

Reverse Engineering

I don’t have too much to write home about here. The basic game archive files are as follows:

  • pictures.vga – Game archive file for all graphics
  • world.dat – Game archive file for all game data

Update 10th February 2018: I've recently been reverse engineering the game and have tackled the following:

  • Wall textures
  • Floor textures
  • Almost the entire colour palette
  • Creatures
  • Found the first map in world.dat and a basic understanding of the data structure

See this post for more details.



Music as ripped from the world.dat game archive file in its original Creative Music File (CMF) format – It’s recommended that you use Winamp and the AdPlug Winamp plugin to play this music:



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