The Ray Casting Games List
Mon Sep 26 2011
A non-exhaustive list of games utilizing ray casting technology. Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold Blake Stone: Planet Strike Blood Catacomb 3-D Chasm: The Rift Corridor 7: Alien Invasion Cryptic Passage for Blood Doom Duke Nukem 3D Dungeon Master (1987; Amiga, Apple IIGS, Atari ST, MS-DOS (x86), SNES, TurboGrafx-CD, Sharp X68000, PC-9801, FM Towns) Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep (1993/1995; Amiga, PC, PC-9801, Mac OS, Sega Mega-CD) Eye of the Beholder (1990; DOS, Amiga, Sega CD, SNES) Eye…
HTML5 Canvas MD2 Renderer
Tue Aug 24 2010
Hot on the heels of my PHP MD2 renderer that loads a Quake II MD2 model file and renders and rotates the model in 3D, I decided that it was clunky and to take advantage of new techniques in browsers This is an HTML5 based Quake II MD2 model loader and renderer that I wrote to demonstrate file reading and canvases. Your browser doesn't support canvas. Notes I used the BinaryReader which was refactored by Vjeux although I had to slightly refactor it myself as I had problems getting floats to read…
WebGL Canvas MD2 Loader & Renderer
Tue Aug 24 2010
To view this demo, please go Here. This demo contains the following: Smooth animation from linear interpolation of mesh frames Basic lighting Each mesh frame is stored in a single VBO, with vertex attributes being delivered to specify the correct frame Note that you will need a relatively cutting edge browser to be able to use this demo. Most current browsers absolutely will not run it. For more information, please refer to this article on beginning WebGL development here.
The First Person Adventure Games List
Sat May 08 2010
This hopes to be an extensive list of the available First Person Adventure Games complete with galleries for each game. If you wish to look at Point'n'Click Third Person adventure games, please look here. If you can add anymore games to this list. Please comment at the bottom of the page. 7th Guest, 1993, Trilobyte 11th Hour, 1995, Trilobyte Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy Amnesia: The Dark Descent, 2010, Frictional Games Atlantis: The Lost Tales, 1997, Cryo Interactive Atlantis II (Beyond…
The Third Person Adventure Games List
Sat May 08 2010
This hopes to be an extensive list of the available point'n'click third person adventure games complete with galleries for each game. If you wish to look at First Person adventure games, please look here. If you can add anymore games to this list. Please comment at the bottom of the page. Beneath a Steel Sky, Revolution Software, 1994 The Black Mirror, Future Games, 2003 The Black Mirror II, Cranberry Production, 2010 The Black Mirror III, Cranberry Production, 2011 Broken Sword: The Shadow of…
Asura Engine Extractor
Sun Mar 28 2010
This is an reader / extractor utility for the Asura Engine. It has currently only been tested with the Aliens Versus Predator data files. Note: This is a beta release. If you find any problems, which I quite honestly expect ;), please don’t hesitate to contact me! :) Features currently supported: Search bar for easy navigation Supports extraction of RSCF chunks Extract a single file or extract them all in one go Extraction rebuilds the directory structure to match the directory structure in the…
H3M Compressor / Decompressor
Sat Mar 13 2010
Heroes of Might and Magic III » H3M Compressor / Decompressor This a drag'n'drop utility for compressing and decompressing Heroes of Might and Magic III Map (H3M) files. Simply drag a standard compressed H3M file anywhere on to the program to create a decompressed H3M and vice versa. Dragging an uncompressed file back on to the program will compressed it once again. Files are stored within the directory of the original file. Download v1.0.0.0
Doom Engine WAD Reader and Extractor
Sat Feb 20 2010
About The Doom Engine WAD Reader and Extractor is an application designed for viewing and extracting the data found inside the Doom Engine data files known as “WAD” files. The following features are supported: Graphics (Flat, Patch and Sprite files) View, Extract as PNG file, Extract raw Lump file PC Speaker Play, Extract as Wave file, Extract raw lump file Digital Sound Play, Extract as Wave file, Extract raw lump file Map Files View, Extract raw lump files Music Extract raw lump file…
Gameboy Emulation
Thu Jan 21 2010
This is just a page with a few notes that somebody may find useful. I hope to develop it as time goes by. Assembly Example First off, I downloaded a very simple ROM file, which was a file called ‘VGB Lord Demo (PD).gb’, and has been instrumental in the testing of an emulator I’ve been developing. The ROM weighs in at 32,768 bytes, however, a mere 1,536 bytes are actually used, which is definitely a good thing for testing purposes! The breakdown is like this: 0x000 to 0x1BF – 448 bytes of…
Wed Sep 02 2009
Tue Aug 11 2009
Here are some of the fun personal projects I've undertaken over the years. They were written in a variety of languages: C++, C#, VB6 using various APIs (OpenGL, XNA, etc). Doom Engine WAD Reader (C#) An old favourite of mine and many others, the Doom engine was heralded as a pivotal moment in software. It was always proven a fascination to me and a very enjoyable technology to work against. This application looks into the game's archives and allows the viewing or playing of the various data…
Heroes of Might and Magic II
Tue Aug 11 2009
Edit: As of November 2010, this information is grossly outdated and I haven't added much of the knowledge I gained on the subject yet. Heroes of Might and Magic II Reverse Engineering Recently, I’ve been trying to work out how the main files to Heroes of Might and Magic II (HoMMII) work. Game Archive File: .AGG I am able to unpack all files from a HoMMII type AGG game archive file. There are the following file types in an AGG file: 82M (Raw Wave Sound files) BIN (?) BMP (? Not a typical…
Heroes of Might and Magic III
Tue Aug 11 2009
Reverse Engineering SND File Format The SND file format is very simple. The first 4 bytes tell us how many files are in the archive: 0..3 Number of Files Then, there is a list of files, with each structure containing the file name, offset and size is as follows: 40 Bytes - File Name 4 Bytes - Offset 4 Bytes - Size This is repeated for as many times as the first four bytes of the SND file indicates, e.g. Heroes3.snd equals 1014 files. H3M File Format (Compressed) The file is stored as a basic…
LineWars II
Tue Aug 11 2009
Introduction LineWars II is a game that as a young man, I had a great affinity for after playing a demo of the game. Soon after, by chance, I found the full version for sale. Note: I have nothing to do with thi Storyline Recently receiving your Fighter Pilots License, you are assigned to guard a remote outpost in the obscure Deneb star system. The more seasoned pilots, you would normally have as comrades, have been assigned to locate the rebel pirate base, rumoured to be hidden near a…
Yendorian Tales Book I: Chapter 2
Tue Aug 11 2009
(Last updated: 10th February 2018) Storyline Beginning with a seemingly insignificant quest, you were led to the mysterious Lost Isles of Yendor. Following the trail of a group of evil mages, you encountered civilizations of Gnomes, Elves, and Halflings. Throughout your journey, you learned that the evil Paltivar had found a way to communicate through portals. He was able to gain the loyalty of three mages, Simech, Cyril and Irudon. These mages unlawfully gathered many powerful reagents to…
Yendorian Tales: The Tyrants of Thaine
Tue Aug 11 2009
(Last updated: 10th February 2018) Storyline Following on from the story of Yendorian Tales Book I and Yendorian Tales Book I: Chapter 2, the seal on the wizard Paltivar has been broken and his return to the lands of Yendor is imminent. However, as dire as the threat from the great wizard is, the kingdoms in the land of Thaine are on the brink of war themselves and must be pacified if the wizard's threat is to be averted. Credits Taken from the in-game credits page. See the Screenshots section…
OpenGL Doom Map Reader
Tue Aug 11 2009
A basic plan of the entire map using linedefs and vertices: Wireframe 3D view of Map 07: Map 32 with map items (THINGS) represented as green dots: Texture Viewer: Texture Viewer (2):
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