How to Add Chapters to a Video using FFMPEG
Sun Aug 01 2021Uncategorized
First of all, let's use FFMPEG itself create a 6 minute long test video: Next, create a file called metadata.txt and add the following contents to it: It's worth noting that the START and END times are based on milliseconds in this case so you must multiply seconds * 1000. Also the END of a chapter must be one millisecond less than the START of the next. This is to ensure no overlapping boundaries. Finally we use FFMPEG to read the video in along with the metadata we created in the previous step…
Update: Reverse Engineering Yendorian Tales: The Tyrants of Thaine / Book I: Chapter 2
Sat Sep 07 2019Uncategorized
I'm curious to see if anybody would be interested if I were to set up a Github repository with everything I have so far ported to C# potentially using Unity for the game engine? Let me know if anybody would be interested.
ASP.NET Core website in IIS - "HTTP Error 500.19" error
Wed Jan 16 2019Uncategorized
When running an ASP.NET Core website in IIS, you may experience the following error: "HTTP Error 500.19 – Internal Server Error" (Code: 0x8007000d) The following article describes the error as being "This problem occurs because the ApplicationHost.config file or the Web.config file contains a malformed XML element.": This comes down to the presence of the following tag: You'll need to install the…
Reverse Engineering Yendorian Tales: The Tyrants of Thaine / Book I: Chapter 2
Sat Feb 10 2018Uncategorized
I've recently (re-)started a little pet project to reverse engineer the Yendorian Tales games. I made a small attempt at this in a VB6 project over 10 years ago, but with the advent of web technologies and a desire to learn them doing something fun, I've given it another go. I've been able to tackle the following in quite a short period of time: Wall textures Floor textures Almost the entire colour palette Creatures Found the first map in world.dat and a basic understanding of the data structure…
Corsair Force Series 3 60GB SSD Locking / Freezing Problems
Wed Aug 17 2011Uncategorized
With the recent problems with part of the Force 3 120GB line of Solid State drives, it seems that the 60GB models are problematic too suffering in much the same way, despite Corsair claiming that the other models aren't affected. After reading Corsair's responses on their forums and the lack of real solutions to the problem, with the exception of some rather poor firmware with no changelog that is problematic to update, I've gone straight back to eBuyer in the hope of a refund. Anybody else got…
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