Corsair Force Series 3 60GB SSD Locking / Freezing Problems
Wed Aug 17 2011Uncategorized
With the recent problems with part of the Force 3 120GB line of Solid State drives, it seems that the 60GB models are problematic too suffering in much the same way, despite Corsair claiming that the other models aren't affected. After reading Corsair's responses on their forums and the lack of real solutions to the problem, with the exception of some rather poor firmware with no changelog that is problematic to update, I've gone straight back to eBuyer in the hope of a refund. Anybody else got…
Worth-See Ray Tracing Videos
Tue Aug 09 2011Uncategorized
Animated Sparse Voxel Octrees: In-depth pt1/3 Animated Sparse Voxel Octrees: In-depth pt2/3 Animated Sparse Voxel Octrees: In-depth pt3/3 Interactive Indirect Illumination Using Voxel Cone Tracing
Batch PNGOut File Compressor
Thu Jul 07 2011Uncategorized
This is a batch file I wrote to handle the compression directories full of PNG files using Ken Silverman’s amazing PNGOUT tool. Bear in mind that this isn’t exactly a replacement for PNGOUTWin which supports asynchronous file compression taking advantage of multiple cores, this is merely a batch file that recursively navigates through a given directory and throws all PNGs one at a time at PNGOUT. Output example: Output for D:\Images\ for 88 files 1252 kb before 922 kb after saving a total of 33…
Forecast: April-May 2011
Sun Apr 10 2011Uncategorized
Up until the end of May, I wanted to open source some more projects, namely my Doom Engine WAD Reader and Extractor, an application that can open WAD files and view as well as extract the files inside, and a unified Heroes of Might and Magic I, II and III reader and extractor. I'm probably going to open two Sourceforge projects for the Doom reader, one for the Framework and one for the application that uses the framework. With the Unified Heroes Reader, I'm probably going to create separate…
Yendorian Tales Remake
Sun Mar 13 2011Uncategorized
I was toying with the idea of a Yendor 2 and/or 3 remake, probably starting with the engine. I would make this an open-source project, probably with a desire to make it browser based using HTML5 and WebGL technologies. This is a very, very niche project, but I'm hoping there might be others out there interested in embarking on such a project? Maybe Rodney Smith or anybody at SW Games could help out?
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